Small Business Marketing Strategy That is Effective

I would like to talk about a small business marketing strategy that I have found to be effective. I do a lot of things that can be classified as marketing my small business, however article marketing is one of the ones that seems to be more effective than some others.

Article marketing is the process of writing articles and submitting them to article directories and other websites that are related to your niche. The directory I like is EzineArticles. I also, depending on the type of article, will submit some to WAHM Articles and Idea Marketers. From there, my articles may get picked up by website owners in my niche who are looking for some fresh content.

This is one of the easiest ways to get the word out about my business, and is free to implement. I like that combination! By writing articles for others to read, it also gives them a glimpse of who I am and what I know and believe. It is so much more effective than buying a small ad somewhere that doesn’t really say much about you at all.

The other thing I like is that this is a marketing strategy I can use in my small business that doesn’t require me to “toot my own horn.” I just share what I know and think on a particular subject. Then I put an author resource box at the end of the article, which leads people back to a page on my website. It’s that simple.

I had particularly good results with an article I wrote that made it into a print magazine. That article brought in a lot of traffic which converted to a lot of sales. I would recommend trying both – submitting articles to print publications as well as online directories and websites. Be sure to track your results so you will know which brings in the most traffic, and more importantly, the most sales.

If you are not a writer, you can have your articles written by someone else, such as a ghostwriter, who writes content for others to use as their own. Be sure you find someone who can capture your personality and has a good use of the English language.

If at all possible, however, I would suggest you write the articles yourself. That way, people get to know YOU and that will help a great deal in the long run of building trust and a good reputation for yourself.