Small Business Marketing Strategies


Online Marketing
If you’ve built your site or blog, have loaded tons of great and useful content, set up a compelling landing page and yet you’re still not receiving any traffic I understand exactly how frustrating that can be. Luckily there’s a great tool that many online business people often miss. Keep reading and I’ll share the small business marketing strategies that can win your site more traffic.

Article Marketing
I think many people hear “article marketing” and cringe. It seems like a time consuming task that requires special writing and marketing skills that they don’t possess. This simply isn’t the case. Writing articles is easy, can be fun and can really give your web traffic a much needed boost.

Creating great keyword rich content and submitting unique versions of these articles to directories such as EzineArticles and HubPages provides a two-fold strategy for attracting visitors. First, when a person comes across your article and likes it, they can click the link in your resource box to visit your web page. Second, these links to your site can help improve your search engine ranking, especially if you use the main keywords as your site link’s anchor text.

Three Important Principles

1. Keep your articles to 300 to 500 words in length. If it is much longer, most people won’t stop to take the time to read it. Also keep the paragraphs short, no more than 3 or 4 lines where ever possible. This guides the reader’s eyes easily through the length of your article.

2. Articles should be concise and stick to the point. Many readers will scan the entire article before they actually read it. Provide evidence that your article is valuable and informative and worth taking the time to read.

3. It’s a pay-off, this is one of the most important elements to keep in mind. You are hoping that your reader will click a link in your resource box. Your reader is hoping you will provide them with useful information. Give them what they expect and you’re much more likely to get back in return.

Running an article marketing campaign can, in fact, be tedious. If you are someone who is not very good at writing, is not a native speaker of the language in which your articles are written or you simply don’t have the time it takes to implement these small business marketing strategies, consider outsourcing. There are freelance article writers available at sites like Elance who can help you find the perfect writer for your campaign.