Internet Marketing Business

A Work from Home Business in Internet Marketing is an admirable and potentially very lucrative venture. Doing it right the first time is difficult at best. There are so many areas to master, that information overload usually occurs before you even know where to start. The following Top 10 Tips, Tricks, and Cautions will help you avoid the Home Business pitfalls.

“Of the small businesses that fail, over 91% do so because of a lack of skills and knowledge on the part of the owner”… Dunn and Bradstreet

Your Work from Home Business idea can avoid being in that 91% by following the right advice, from the right people, right from the very beginning.

My research in the “make money online” to Work at Home field I found the following facts:
Federal Trade Commission – Consumer Protection, Facts for Consumers. In digging around their site I found a very frightening statistic “over 83.8% of all the “money making sites” they tested were scams”!! Sad isn’t it? You can read it here: that leaves 16% “good ones”. Granted that is still a lot. The good ones are out there but, you must be able to recognize the difference between the The Good, The Bad, and well,..The Really Ugly Scammers.

1. Don’t be an “opportunity seeker” avoid and resist all those “Make money on the Internet…blah, blah, blah” and “Work at home jobs” “MLM” and thousands more scams and gimmicks. Many are professionally written sales pages, and “sound” irresistible, only out to get your money. RESIST AND IGNORE.

Follow only quality proven advice from proven, professional Mentoring Programs. Do a lot of research before you jump in and start building a website. Find out if there is even enough interest/traffic to justify promoting your selected Niche. 3,000+ searches per month minimum to be profitable. If not, find another Niche.

2. Select a keyword rich 3-4 word domain name before you title/name your site, not the other way around. Match your Title to your domain name and high count keywords. Use a quality hosting company, not just the cheapest.

3. Build a detailed step by step, yet simple, Business Plan that will work for you and your niche, then follow it! Basic Plans are available for free, that you can modify to suit your own personal Business Plan.

4. Everything you are going to do in the Internet Marketing to Work from Home; writing your page copy, articles, writing squeeze pages, writing e-mails, writing product copy, writing sales pages, ALL require mastering Copywriting Skills. Find a Copywriting Business Coach that has a proven track record in Internet Marketing and Direct Marketing. Develop your own style of writing, just like talking to your best friend face to face. Practice, practice, practice. This is a critical step you must learn.

5. You Don’t Need a Lot of Software, a few carefully selected, necessary software tools is all you will initially need. Site design, Keyword Software, Article Submission Software, Directory Software, Auto-Responder Software, is enough to get you off to a flying start.

6. Once your site is up and functioning, DON’T submit it to the Search Engines. This can take weeks to months to get your site crawled and indexed. Instead, submit your site to Site Directories as many as you can using a directory submitter. This will get you the Oh so valuable high PR one-way links to your site. Then…..

7. Write good quality article(s) (400-900) words about your niche. Not a sales pitch, but good quality helpful information about your niche that people can use. Start with 2-3 articles. (A good way to practice your own copywriting style you are learning from your copywriting Mentor). Then write more articles, then more articles, then….get the idea? Article Marketing works!

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