Article Marketing is the Cheap Way

Small business marketing strategies may seem a tall order for some marketers out there but I can tell you first hand that article marketing is the cheapest way to get started with these marketing strategies.

Why am I saying this? Because for years now marketers have been writing articles and submitting them to article directories, now you may be asking so what is the big deal about that! Well for starters it’s a free way of getting traffic to your website.

It can also get you a lot of traffic via the search engines when you submit them to a high ranking website, some blogs also accept your articles and not only that your article can be picked up by publishers who are looking for good content for their websites thus giving you even more exposure.

It might take three months or so to really get noticed with Article Marketing but its well worth the effort when you get to know what keywords to use and where to position them when writing your article.

You know I didn’t know this till I read an eBook about article marketing but they can stay on the web for longer than seven years, now that is a long time. So here are a few points to remember when you start writing articles.

1. You have to learn how to write them first, the best way to write articles is to write the way you talk to someone. Yes its that simple that is all is required just let the words flow out of your mouth and then write them down.

2. When you start to write your articles don’t give up after one try keep going because it will get better, my articles where terrible when I first started to write but now I can write of the top of my head because I am used to it and so will you be.

3. Keep your paragraphs short try not to write long paragraphs because people don’t like that it makes it hard on the eyes just keep them shot like this one. Your paragraphs shouldn’t be more then three lines at the most.

If you are going to use Article Marketing as your Small Business Marketing Strategies then follow the instructions about and this will give you a good stepping stone for future article writing.